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Ruby/Rails opportunities in Calgary

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Paradem Full Stack Software Developer

About Us

Build refreshingly human software by joining our team as a Full Stack Software Developer!
Paradem is a software consultancy focused on building line-of-business applications across multiple industries. We work in close collaboration with customers to establish business processes and deliver tailored software solutions.
We develop technology to work alongside our customers, building applications for startups and supporting software development teams. Paradem relies on transparency during the entire process and strives to keep the client informed throughout each step of development.
Paradem’s technology focus is Ruby on Rails, Elixir, JavaScript and React Native and provides the following services to its customers:
Early-stage product strategy
Software architecture & application development
Production deployment and support

About You

You speak both backend and frontend technologies. You know how to explain issues to a project manager, product owner, designer or client and are comfortable working in an agile environment with regular feedback loops.
You have already worked on a wide variety of projects, both large and small, and are comfortable jumping in wherever needed in the development team. You enjoy quickly getting up to speed and contributing to the success of your team. You’re comfortable working remotely and take responsibility for your own work schedule. You have strong communication skills, and are able to explain the reasoning behind your decisions.
You know that TDD, automated testing and peer reviews are necessary to reduce bugs and write production quality code. You also know that code quality trumps code quantity and call Jeff Atwood’s advice to mind that you should “always code as if the person who ends up maintaining your code is a violent psychopath who knows where you live.”
Asking for help is ok and you are passionate about sharing your knowledge of new technologies and methodologies with others.
While you spend a lot of time writing software, you put the user and their experience first. Experience has taught you that something without a user has little worth.
We can’t wait hear your battle stories about the time you were actively participating in the design, prototype and a production stages of a new product feature.
What we Value

Language experience with:

Ruby / Elixir
JavaScript / CoffeeScript / ES6
Redux / React.js
Also familiar with:
React Native
iOS / Android development environments
DevOps experience with:
Puppet / Chef
Capistrano / Mina
Docker / Kubernetes
Experience with most of these technologies:
Linux / BSD / Bash / SSH
Redis / Memcache
Elastic Search
PostgresQL / MySQL / MongoDB
Comfortable client-server architectural patterns
Ability to prioritize and work with a remote development team
Previous experience with customer support
Experience with Agile methodologies (Kanban, SCRUM)
Previous experience working from home
A curious mind and an appetite for learning
A strong point of view paired with a healthy dose of humility
A collaborative mindset
Prepared to roll up your sleeves and do the work… with the ability to accompany and build a team to help you
Strong attention to detail
A commitment to improving the organization and striving for excellence
Willingness to take risks, meet challenges and learn from mistakes

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Please note, while we strive to keep this list current, it’s possible that some of these roles have been filled. Good Luck!