Teaching yourself Ruby on your own time

January 03, 2017

Teaching yourself Ruby on your own time (by Laurie Gloge)

Learning and doing by working on your own project. Build web applications, taking it from zero to full deploy, using StackOverlflow, and google search to add things along the way.

We will explore 10 things to do, and 10 things not to do when teaching yourself to code. I will also demo a couple of web app's I have built and share my favourite gems

This is a fun topic for those of us setting new goals and resolutions of "Learn to Code" for 2017.

If you are learning code. This will get you started.

If you are an experienced developer, you may relate to some of the do's and don't's. Everyone's experience and perspective is unique. Working as a hobbyist while learning has some interesting twists and turns.

Finish by 8:00 in time for drinks.

A list of sources







Mackenzie Child (Youtube) challenges


and more.....