An Interview Question, Solved Two Ways

January 17, 2018

An Interview Question, Solved Two Ways
Presented by Lionel Chen

Want to stand out in an interview? How about solving a problem in a way that is actually functional (pun intended)? In this talk, we’ll go over a classic coding interview problem - longest contiguous increasing subsequence - with two distinct approaches: imperative and functional (or to put it simply: loop v.s. recursion)

The presenter will live code the solutions and deliberately reproduce the bugs he encountered in the first place, with both approaches. The purpose is to demystify a bit the saying “functional programming code is easy to reason about”.

This talk in intended for audience who are either new to functional programming (FP) or just getting started on it. By the end of the talk, it is our hope that you’ll be interested enough to explore FP further on your own.