YYC Ruby/Rails March Meetup

March 19, 2013

Greetings all!

Firstly thanks everyone who participated in the Survey posted at yycruby.org. The response rate was higher than I expected.

Our next Meetup will be held on March 19th, and we'll have a presentation by... Ben Stevenson(me)!

I'll be covering testing methodology in Ruby. Common testing issues. A few available frameworks. My own personal testing standards, and why under NO circumstances you should follow them.

It will be held at the iStockPhoto office, quick note regarding the security gate into the parking lot. It will be the same deal as last time, there will be someone letting you into the premises since the gate locks at 5pm. There will only be someone at the gate until 6:20. After that it's time to come in and get settled.

Thanks everyone! See you all on the 19th!