Talk About Ruby and Rails!

February 19, 2013

Greetings everyone! We're back!

We'll be holding our first Meetup in a little over a year on Tuesday the 19th of February, at the Calgary iStockPhoto office near Inglewood (Suite 200 - 1240 20th Ave SE).

This meeting will serve as a launching point for an ever-changing community driven group of YYC Rubyists and Rails Developers.

As such our first meeting will be two short presentations serving as introductions to Ruby and Rails respectively. Followed by a group meeting where you(that's right… YOU) have a chance to steer the group towards amazing topics in the Ruby/Rails field of programming. Whether it be a talk on testing, coding hack-a-thons, coding challenges, or even Lightning Talks. All ideas are welcome!

Whether you're a Ruby/Rails newbie and want to learn from and meet others in Calgary, or a seasoned professional and want to hang out with people with a similar passion for Ruby and/or Rails programming. You are encouraged to attend.

Refreshments(e.g. pizza) will be provided. So come on out!

See you on the 19th!

Ben(@bennett_stevens), Rails Meetup Group
Scott(@sgibsoncraig), Ruby Meetup Group